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11 Questions with Stephanie Deleau

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The real truth about French in America comes from the people and their personal stories. This is the start of our latest series called 11 Questions, we hope you enjoy it! Also, if you would like to participate in this series please feel free to answer the 11 Questions and send me an email at jon.cronin – at – for consideration.

11 Questions with Stephanie Deleau

French Clothing Store Owner: Noisette
Residing: Brooklyn, Bed Stuy
In U.S. Since: 1996

1. Why did you move here?
I came to the US to learn English so I took a year off and came as an au pair, but never made it back to France…

2. What is it about this country that keeps you here?
After being here 13 years, I do feel like home, it’s about the people, the community, the ability to do what you want, the easiness and accessibility to everything….

3. Who is your favorite “French Person in America” both past and currently? Why?
All my friends, they are my family, they come and go but they always give me the feeling of still be connected to France

4. What is your general feeling about being French in America?
I feel the difference in the store, people’s reaction to French clothing is definitely positive. in my life, I don’t feel that much different than every other immigrant in this country…it feels very natural to live here…and we all share about the same story, we all came here for a reason, and we all experienced NY in so many different ways.

5. What is your favorite French restaurant in America?
Tough one, hmmm, maybe Les Halles, for all the authentic dishes that you never find anywhere else in America!

6. Who is your favorite French Artist who lived or is living in America?
I have 3, and you know them all! clue: they all share the same studio! (Jerome LagarrigueAmelie Chabannes, Olivia Angelozzi)

7. Favorite place to visit in America and why?
Fire Island…can I choose another one? and LA for some reason that I can’t explain!

8. Can you name two things that Americans should know about France and three things that France should know about America, that they may not know?
French people: are chauvinistic and they love the US (secretly or openly), Americans are: patriotic (is there a difference with chauvinistic?), 80% of Americans didn’t like Bush (a  lot of them thought that Americans were stupid, Obama’s election proved them wrong), they wish they were French!

9. What is it about Obama that excites French people and what do you think he will do for French in America?
I’m not sure he do anything for French in America, but at least he will make the world a little more peaceful and constructive, he made French people love this country again and believe in it. Maybe I can have a stimulus package, is it part of the French alliance deal?

10. What is the most important piece(s) of advice you can give to someone who is considering moving to the US from France?
It’s a country for everyone, I have seen all kinds of people come but only few people stayed, once you find your 3 elements (house, job and love). then you will stay and be happy. so come, enjoy yourself, dream, and figure out a way to stay…..

11. Please describe your experience in America with one word or phrase.

photo credits: Chris Dymond cafe creme magazine


Written by Jon Cronin

March 10, 2009 at 17:52

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