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LUXE/ STEPHAN STOYANOV GALLERY – New Space/ New Exhibition/ New Beginnings

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LUXE/ STEPHAN STOYANOV GALLERY   29 Orchard  Street, New York, NY 10002 M: 646 407 2932  

Luxe Gallery has moved and is changing its name. Having vacated its Stanton Street premises, the gallery is now located at 29 Orchard Street, Lower East Side, where its collaboration with the French Institute Alliance Francaise—Marie Maillard’s Wall 0909—is currently on view. At the conclusion of the show, the gallery will take the name of its director of seven years, Stephan Stoyanov, and resume its program of group and solo shows of gallery artists.

Please join the gallery for it’s inaugural reception celebrating Marie Maillard’s exhibition WALL 0909 on Wednesday September 9th from 6 until 8pm at 29 Orchard Street between Hester and Canal on the Lower East Side.

For Immediate Release: 

Marie Maillard 
« WALL 0909 » 
At a time of radical evolution in our information society, Marie Maillard transcribes the futures of an image that suddenly emerges in reality in order to reshape it. She anticipates the consequences of virtual reality’s intrusion in the day-to-day spaces of our lives. Her artworks test the becoming-image of our realities.
With the new century came the age of the iconocrash. This confrontation between heterogeneous and apparently incompatible regimes of representation is based on an imaging principle at the heart of the functioning of hypermodernity. Reality generates its own representations in a continuous and simultaneous flow. In this context in which the image goes so far as to anticipate the event in order to engender a heightened reality, the frameworks of our lives are reshaped in terms of their physical and perceptual coordinates.
Maillard’s Video-Wallpaper expresses the idea of an inhabitable, enveloping image that moves beyond the screen to take over architectural space. It is no longer an image that is looked at or read but rather an image one inhabits. The image is superimposed over reality, redefining it aesthetically.
The artist’s collaborations with Jean Nouvel display this incorporating of the image into the experience of the contemporary city. The architectural building becomes a disseminator of an image that creates an interaction with its immediate environment while making it part of the atmospheric ambiance. Maillard’s works filter reality live in order to give back a representation of it that is informed by digital protocols.
A similar effect appears in her photographs, where the pixels are stretched and elongated one by one to produce an extruded image, like an acceleration of iconic cells, offering a representation of the new digital horizon.
Maillard’s chair and table sculptures seem to be infected with a virus generating the proliferation of bubbles on their surfaces, like a swelling of the object that reveals the vitality of the atoms composing it.
Through these intrusions of an image that is endowed with an intelligence all its own, Marie Maillard introduces a doubt into our understanding of what distinguishes virtualities from realities. Welcome to the enigma of the virtual.
Pascal Beausse

Romina Djelosevic
Gallery Manager

Luxe/ Stephan Stoyanov Gallery
29 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
T: 646 407 2932
M: 310 877 6904

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Written by Jon Cronin

September 8, 2009 at 13:50

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