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Marie Maillard Opening at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery (Luxe)

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Last night was amazing! The new Stephan Stoyanov Gallery (aka Luxe) on Orchard street is an incredible space. Nestled in on the first block of Orchard above Canal, on arrival, the street was glowing with art lovers and the artists whom they adore. The opening of Marie Maillard was beautiful, hypnotic and exceptional. The clear blue light and stunning imagery mixed with ethereal sounds produced a feeling of floating on a cloud, made just for you. After this initial transformation, the gallery space leads you down the stairs to the “secret” second gallery where the contrasts are strong. Brick walls, industrial appliances and a crowd that rivals any speakeasy in the time of prohibition. The cozy, homespun, creative feeling encountered brings us to a different time. A different feeling. A place where the art speaks to each of us and provides us with a much needed break from the white walls of the outside scene. Enjoy!

This opening was part of the Crossing The Line FestivalLuxe Gallery (new location)
29 Orchard Street, [MAP]
Between Hester & Canal St.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Written by Jon Cronin

September 10, 2009 at 15:14

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