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2010 New York City Michelin guide book released

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(Relaxnews) –

The Big Apple can be take some comfort in the fact that Michelin awards a single star to less than 10 percent of all restaurants they cover, and has awarded NYC 44.On October 6 French travel guidebook and restaurant kingmaker Michelin released their Michelin Guide New York City 2010.

The book has a retail price of $17.99 (€12) but can currently be found at sites like Amazon for $11.53 (€7.80) or Waterstone’s for £9.99 (€10.80).

Covering all five boroughs in New York City, the guidebook also features 109 restaurants offering a meal under $25 (€17), in a nod to the current economic woes.

The “Small Plates” category, featuring restaurants with a unique menu, ambiance or service style, also makes its first appearance in any Michelin guidebook.

The  so-called ‘City That Never Sleeps’ now offers 5 three-star restaurants, 6 two-star restaurants and 44 one-star eateries – far fewer three-star restaurants than Tokyo, which earned nine this year, and Paris, which was awarded 11.

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October 7, 2009 at 20:25

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