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Crossing the Line 2009 | matsune & subal – store

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I had a chance to visit one of the final events of the Crossing the Line 2009 festival on Saturday and before I write about the event, I would like to offer a huge round of applause and the loudest possible Bravo! to to Lili Chopra (Artistic Director at FIAF) and Simon Dove (Director, School of Dance at Arizona State University), for putting on THE best possible cultural event this city has seen in a while. If you didn’t get a chance to see any of the events, you really missed out this time, but there is always next year…

The event was – store – by: matsune & subal and the location was Luxe / Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. You had to see this to truely experience the whole. I will let the video try and tell the story, but unless you where a participant you can probably never figure it out.

Come on down to the Lower East Side and experience a “pop-up” the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Watch the Video

See the Photos!

For four days only, matsune & subal bring you “store” – a collection of more than 60 amazing and astonishing, unique performance products. Priced to sell! No budget too small! But when this store’s gone, it’s really gone. So don’t miss this brief opportunity to consume like you’ve never consumed before!

With both ingenuity and humor, store questions the consumption of art and our consumption of the consumption culture. It lets audiences/customers/viewers analyze their own roles as consumers of performance and as performers of consumption, as they purchase individualized performance products that they may consume on the spot, take away, or get delivered in the mail.

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Written by Jon Cronin

October 7, 2009 at 17:10

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