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Crossing the Line 2011: FIAF Fall Festival Trailer

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Crossing the Line 2011: FIAF Fall Festival Trailer from FIAF on Vimeo.

“One of the fall’s most exciting and thought provoking performance events”
—New York Times (2010)

The fifth edition of Crossing the Line, the annual fall festival of the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), hits NYC September 17–October 16, 2011. Check back here for up-to-the-minute details and information. Full website and ticket sales will launch August 1.


Crossing the Line is conceived as a platform to present vibrant new developments in artistic practices on both sides of the Atlantic. Initiated and produced by FIAF in partnership with leading New York cultural institutions, the fifth annual edition of this transdisciplinary, genre-defying festival of contemporary arts provides opportunities for New Yorkers to explore the dialogue between artist and participant; to examine how artists help re-imagine the world around us; and to engage with the vital role artists play as critical thinkers and catalysts for social evolution.

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July 11, 2011 at 19:02

FIAF presents World Nomads Morocco Festival – April 30–May 31, 2011

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Are you in New York City this month? Don’t forget to check out this amazing festival.

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI
FIAF presents World Nomads Morocco Festival
April 30–May 31, 2011

FIAF’s annual World Nomads Festival is a New York City destination that celebrates 21st-century transculturalism through the arts while advancing critical thinking and dialogue among cultures. The integrated platform offers opportunities for an exchange of ideas and artistic expression among traditional and contemporary cultures.

The Festival’s fourth edition arrives this May at a historic time to celebrate the many facets of Morocco.

One of the highlights of the Festival will be the Key Note Talk on May 11 with André Azoulay, Royal Advisor to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, and Faouzi Skali, a widely recognized cultural and intellectual figure in Morocco.

Morocco is recognized worldwide for its distinctive and layered cultural identity. The country’s unique geographical location has made it a crossroad for ancient trade routes, and continues to contribute to its importance as a migratory highway for ideas and peoples.

Today’s Morocco shines as a hub of traditional and modern creative expression where ancient cultural practices thrive while innovations are woven into vibrant contemporary artistic forms. The Festival will explore its parallel ancient/modern culture, sustainability, women, and the environment.

The festival is conceived by the French Institute Alliance Francaise (FIAF) and organized in partnership with leading Moroccan and U.S. cultural institutions. The Festival is made possible with the generous support of numerous sponsors.

The Festival is curated by Zeyba Rahman, Chief Curator, and Lili Chopra, FIAF’s Artistic Director.

Written by Jon Cronin

May 11, 2011 at 18:30

Master Gnaoua Musicians – FIAF, World Nomads Morocco Festival

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Venue at FIAF
Florence Gould Hall
55 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022

Morocco’s leading Gnaoua masters, representing the major Gnaoua centers of Essaouira and Marrakech, will present an unprecedented performance of this entrancing and mystical music. They include Mustapha Bakbou and Mahmoud Guinea, among others. Originating in sub-Saharan Africa, the music serves as both a prayer and a celebration of life with strong, distinctive rhythmic beats and acrobatic dancing.

Presented in partnership with Essaouira Mogador Association with the Gnaoua and World Music Festival and Yerma Gnaoua Association (Essaouira)

More Details

Written by Jon Cronin

May 11, 2011 at 18:24

French Cultural Nights – Premiere Night Tonight, The Bubble Lounge NYC

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Hope to see you there tonight or at Future Events!

French Cultural Nights
Wednesday, October 21 | 7 – 11pm
The Bubble Lounge,
228 West Broadway, New York NY

French-speakers of all backgrounds and levels are invited to attend, as is anyone who loves French culture. Admission fee of $20 includes a complimentary glass of Champagne Louis Roederer and a French Culture Guide – COOL 2009 issue.

FEATURED PERFORMERS at October 21 Premiere Night
• Catherine Capdeville, noted jazz singer (7-7:30 and 8:30-9pm)
• Nicole Renauld, the “accordion fairy” (7:45pm)
• Movie preview, “How to Seduce Difficult Women” (8pm)
Amélie Chabannes (painting ,video) and Marie Maillard (video) , recently featured in “Crossing the Line” at the French Institute
• Haiti Optimiste (photography), a visual celebration of the positive aspects of Haiti
• DJ Jacques Motombo (9pm-midnight)

more details

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Written by Jon Cronin

October 21, 2009 at 21:01

Crossing the Line 2009 | matsune & subal – store

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I had a chance to visit one of the final events of the Crossing the Line 2009 festival on Saturday and before I write about the event, I would like to offer a huge round of applause and the loudest possible Bravo! to to Lili Chopra (Artistic Director at FIAF) and Simon Dove (Director, School of Dance at Arizona State University), for putting on THE best possible cultural event this city has seen in a while. If you didn’t get a chance to see any of the events, you really missed out this time, but there is always next year…

The event was – store – by: matsune & subal and the location was Luxe / Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. You had to see this to truely experience the whole. I will let the video try and tell the story, but unless you where a participant you can probably never figure it out.

Come on down to the Lower East Side and experience a “pop-up” the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Watch the Video

See the Photos!

For four days only, matsune & subal bring you “store” – a collection of more than 60 amazing and astonishing, unique performance products. Priced to sell! No budget too small! But when this store’s gone, it’s really gone. So don’t miss this brief opportunity to consume like you’ve never consumed before!

With both ingenuity and humor, store questions the consumption of art and our consumption of the consumption culture. It lets audiences/customers/viewers analyze their own roles as consumers of performance and as performers of consumption, as they purchase individualized performance products that they may consume on the spot, take away, or get delivered in the mail.

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October 7, 2009 at 17:10

The French Creative Connection: Amelie Chabannes

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Thibaut Estellon a.k.a. The French Creative Connection shares a place in our hearts as a leading purveyor of French Creatives here in New York City. We applaud his effort to help push the “French in America” cultural exchange in the right direction and we encourage you to read his blog often. We will be highlighting many of his blog posts and we hope that you enjoy his latest portrait of Artiste: Amelie Chabannes. (my wife)

Read the full article here
(in French)

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October 6, 2009 at 16:39

Juliette Binoche Paintings to Go on Exhibit at the French Cultural Services

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Portraits by Juliette Binoche of Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Suzan in Le voyage du ballon rouge (Flight of the Red Balloon, 2007) © All Rights Reserved.

NEW YORK, NY.- Actress, dancer, poet, painter… Academy Award® winning actress Juliette Binoche (The English Patient) has more than one trick up her sleeve. In September 2009, her various talents will converge in New York City and Brooklyn in “In-I & Jubilations,” a month-long series of artistic events that include dance performances (Akram Khan’s “In-I” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music), a film retrospective (also at BAM), book signings (of her art book Portraits In-Eyes), a new film release (Paris by Cédric Klapisch), a documentary about Juliette Binoche produced by her sister Marion Stalens (Juliette Binoche: Sketches for a Portrait at the French Institute Alliance Française) and an exhibition of her portraits and poetry at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. This exhibit, “In-Eyes,” will include 58 ink washes on paper as well as poems, all created and selected by Juliette Binoche. It will be her first-ever art show on American soil and will offer a unique opportunity to discover a new facet of this multi-talented French artist.Ever since receiving a commission from the Cahiers du Cinéma for a series of portraits in July 2007, Ms. Binoche has not stopped painting during her movie shoots. But she had been painting off set for far longer, and first showed her work publicly in the 1990s (in 1991 her art work was featured in the movie The Lovers on the Bridge, in which she starred as a painter, and in 1993 she exhibited a series of work done in collaboration with French artist Christian Fenouillat). Favoring portraits, Ms. Binoche has not only depicted many of the famous directors with whom she has worked but also characters she has played, in what is a rather unique spin on the self-portrait tradition. “In-Eyes” will feature 29 triptychs, each including one of these “in character” self-portraits, a portrait of the related movie’s director, and a poem addressed to the director. These works offer a personal view, full of emotion, of the key encounters that have influenced Juliette Binoche’s movie career.

Speaking of her art, Juliette Binoche explains, “The heat and emotion to be generated, like the physical stamina to be supplied, are part of an actor’s life. Whatever was left over, whatever surged forth despite myself, and whatever I had hoped for, I then put down on paper. None of it is definitive; it’s just a record—a fleeting and subjective perception—of one moment in life. Technique simply came with the desire to paint, without preconceptions.”

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August 24, 2009 at 21:00